Grant Writer

This position is one that is essential to our limited rescue budget and funding. This individual will apply for grants to foundations and organizations by reinforcement of Three Paws’ mission and values. This person must be honest and genuine in his or her pursuits to receive grant approval. Prior to submitting a grant, it must be approved by BOTH of the Co-Founders, and then one may submit the final copy. This individual is responsible for aiming to create strong relations and ties with organizations and foundations in order to maintain an accurate and socially substantial image of an ideal rescue group. This person must specialize in persuasion techniques through honest behaviors and strategic thinking. This position is responsible for educating themselves on grants and the guidelines and research behind grant writing. Any background in Writing, Journalism, or Creative Writing is valued.

If you are interested at being our Grant Writer, please email us at and tell us about your experience. Please include your resume if you have one.